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Default Re: Post Your Audio Setups HERE!

Okay, I have two of these running as my front speakers:

This is my center speaker:

I have two of these running as my rear speakers:

And here is the reciever powering all five of those speakers:

And no, I normally don't have all that stuff ontop of the equilizer. I just set it there so it wasn't in the way of the pic. My desk is usually quite messy.

I have two of these running as my subs (15") :

And here is the amp powering both of those subs:

That's been a good amp. Unfortunately I fear she is on her way out. My dad knows a guy that repairs audio equipment for a living, so I'm gonna' have him take a look at it. If she's fixable, I'm keeping her. If not, time to get a new one.

Over all, I must say this setup rocks. Movies sound almost identical to the theater- just not as loud. So, as you can imagine, games are beyond awesome on this setup.
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