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Default Re: Suggestions on E6600 oc

Originally Posted by ONER
Well thanks Lazaredz for the guide. Look at my results. I'm going to lower my
clocks a bit due to temperature. I'm going to lapp my Heatsink to drop a couple of degrees.

3.62Ghz @ 1.4v (403x9). Now I'm also going to try and run my memory at 1:1.
Wow, I was going to help you out but I see you are doing fine on your own. Just don't loose those settings now or you may found it difficult to get them back (that happened to me, I took me five mins to get 3.55ghz on the first day, but after I lost that setting due to unplugging power it took me several hours to get it back)

Also you should test TAT 100% work load/thermal load, by pressing star under the temps, if the temps get close to 85c you need to back down, even 80c would be dangerous. 70c is high but acceptable. You need to wait a min ofr the temps to get to their highest.
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