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Andy - thanks for the quick reply!

So by specifying NvAGP=1, I avoid the error messages from AGPGART (since AGPGART is never loaded) about the E7505 chipset (this is before I added the agp_try_unsupported), but I'm probably right back where I started - using NVAGP and possibly having system instability.

I'm using a 2.4.18smp kernel with a DFP which had prevented me from upgrading to 4349, so I'm using 4191.

Andy - do you have any recommendations? Specifically:

Are there differences between 4363 and 4191 that address AGP stability with NVAGP?

I assume in all cases you'd recommend 4363 over 4191?

If my machine locks up again, I'm not sure whether I should go back to AGPGART with agp_try_unsupported or whether I should upgrade to 4363 and try again with NVAGP.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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