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Default Re: Write your own Windows and XBOX360 games (thx microsoft :D)

This is nice, and a step in the right direction, but...

At present, the creator must distribute their entire source code and at least final assets. The end user must subsribe as a developer also, and build the code to run it.

This is highly ironic for Microsoft, a vocal critic of shared source code and defender of intellectual property rights. It sounds a lot like 'What's ours we keep, what's yours we share', which in turn sounds a lot like another political persuasion.

Microsoft says it is 'working on this issue', and intends independant developers to produce hit titles and large percentages of titles, in up coming years. I believe this, because it is in their interest to create lots of content, and inovative content, however, don't expect there to be lots of free content, as this goes completely against MS vision for the 360 platform. Their vision is a platform for consumers to repeat purchase, low price, high volume content for their lounge room consuption. I'm sure they don't mind if a developer is paid nothing for their work, so long as they can have a dollar for each game downloaded, or at least on going subscription fees.

Anyway, that's my opinion, but an educated one, and I have been to their show and tell sessions.
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