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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

Here's mine:

Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR cable box
XBOX 360 w/ HD DVD (my awesome wife found a premium system at a garage sale for 150 bucks)
Yamaha RX-V420
Klipsch mains, center, and sub
Mirage rear satellites
Logitech Harmony remote for XBOX 360
Logitech DiNovo Edge Keyboard
(waiting for 8800 Vista driver to complete the HTPC)

Not long now to wait for the Vista drivers. Once available I'll be able to use the system as a media hub to distribute TV and movies to the other TVs in the house.

The Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboard is drop-dead sexy (props to J-Mag for pointing it out to me). Just holding it in your hands gives you a woody and compels you to surf porn. It's almost a piece of art.
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