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Default Re: NVNews Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

Originally Posted by PaiN
Last night I bought a Gateway FPD2285W 22" LCD from Best-Buy....the thing drove me nuts, I fought(only way to describe it) the monitor for hours trying to tune it matter what I did games were either washed out or over black, then going back to the desktop, required more adjustment. I've never had to touch the controlls of my Dell 2005FPW and it looks SO mch better. I decided to return the Gateway and purchased another Dell the 22" E228WFP its $130 less than the retail Gateway and should be an actual "upgrade" from a 2005FPW

Yea, I had both the 22" and 24" Gateway and I found that I always was trying to adjust it also. Just never could get it right. Especially the 22". Also I felt like no matter what I did both were always just to bright. The Gateways were plagued with other issues that I think I mentioned here somewhere.

Now the Dell 2407 on the otherhand I haven't even tuned except for turning the brightness down through the monitors OSD. Which worked unlike the Gateways. Everything else looks fine to me out of the box as far as colors and everything goes.

To be fair though I'm not totally happy with the Dell. I am sending this one back due to what I find to be a little to much backlight bleed in the upper righthand corner. It flares out and is just bright enough to catch my eye. I've read to many posts of people saying they have no backlight bleed so I don't think this is normal on this particular model. I also have a single stuck(maybe dead) pixel, the first I have seen on any monitors. So reguardless, at $700 I think I'm intitled for an exchange. Which is on its way.

But overall I'm extremly happy with the dell. Everything works as advertised. Picture is the best by far out of the monitors I tried. What I have learned over the coarse of the last two weeks is every monitor has its flaws. So what ever makes you happy I guess stick with it.
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