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Default Frequent lockups after 2.6.19 upgrade (or so I believe)

I had the "screen frozen, pointer moves" bug in the past, which appeared and disappeared as the driver was updated. I generally found some stability after setting AGP4X on BIOS. The RenderAccel option didn't seem to affect.

Now, after I upgraded to kernel 2.6.19 (at least, I think that is what changed the situation) I had really frequent lockups one every 1 or two days.

I have a P4S800-MX motherboard and an NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 Agp8X. It works perfect on windows.
I just suspect of my motherboard from long time ago since the 3.3 line is always at 2.99 or 2.98. I don't know if this means I have a weak PSU or a bad mobo (or neither).

But, this time, I think this is clearly an NVIDIA bug (or at least, a kernel bug), since it hits NULL dereference, causing it to oops. I've got this information because some of the lockups only lock X but the machine seems to be in control, since I can CTRL+ALT+DEL and reboot normally. Other times it is a hard lockup which causes a general freeze (I've recently compiled SysRq key support into the kernel, to save myself from this situation also, since I imagine that I can just kill X and get control back).

I post the bug report and the kernel.log that informs about the kernel oops.

BTW, I'm a little tired about this card (both in terms of performance and stability) so I think I'm going to buy a newer AGP card (if I still trust the mobo) or a new mobo with PCI-E and a PCI-E card. Probably a new PSU also.

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