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Default Re: NVNews Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

Originally Posted by PaiN
Last night I bought a Gateway FPD2285W 22" LCD from Best-Buy....the thing drove me nuts, I fought(only way to describe it) the monitor for hours trying to tune it matter what I did games were either washed out or over black, then going back to the desktop, required more adjustment. I've never had to touch the controlls of my Dell 2005FPW and it looks SO mch better. I decided to return the Gateway and purchased another Dell the 22" E228WFP its $130 less than the retail Gateway and should be an actual "upgrade" from a 2005FPW

If you are expecting an 'upgrade' over your 2005PW,you will be in for a bit of a surprise and a dissapoinment.I own a 2005FPW,and have an A03 with extremely little bleed,and no dead or stuck pixels (bought it on Hard FS/FT forums)My friend Luke,who happens to live a few floors down from us(We live in a big highrise)just bought a E228WPF and we compared the two side by side.

Well let me tell you,there is a good reason its so cheap. When I first saw his new LCD,I new it was inferior as to picture quality,etc.But as he had been stuck using a Dell 17" crt for the last 4 years,and it took him time to save up the funds for even this new LCD.

I kept my mouth shut,and told him it was great and ohhed and ahhwed it,as he beamed while playing a few rounds of AOE3.A few days later,totally at his behest,he asked if he could haul it upstairs to see what dual display would be like.So we did just that,and he ran a few 'tests'.Now god love him,but he is very ignorant on all things that have to do with computers,but even he saw the big difference without me having to say a word. You get what you pay for.
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