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Default Re: Suggestions on E6600 oc

Originally Posted by nippyjun
How do you know when to increase the SPP voltage? Will incrasing the spp voltage possible make it so the cpu doens't need as much voltage for a given overclock?
It was just a hunch on my behalf. I was having some instability issues and raising the Core didn't help, FSB was allready at 1.5, so I tried the SPP. Bumping it from 1.5 to 1.55 solved the issue. Doing this will most likely NOT reduce your voltage needs on the CPU.

Originally Posted by ONER
Well here are some results after running Dual Prime95. What do guys think?

This is under full Load

This after finishing Dual Prime95

I'm thinking it's ok since I wont be running the cores under constant 100% load.
You are cutting it close, but I would run with it. Just pay attention for the first couple of days. Watch for anything "funny", glitches, and of course errors/reboots.

Most users (in my opinion) are a little TOO worried about their temps with overclocking. Yeah you have to watch them, but one should expect them to run HOT with a 50% overclock. Keep below 70C and it really shouldn't be an issue.
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