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Default Re: Best Buy and the HD wars

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
that combo drive is a POS

LGs combo HD DVD/Blu-ray player could very well be the killer blow for HD DVD. What's that you say? Well, the combo player fully supports Blu-ray's interactivity, BD-J, but the BH100 seems to have forgotten all about HD DVD's interactive features, iHD. That's right, none of it - no PIP, next-gen menus, user bookmarks, HD DVD downloads/updates - nothing that will "WOW" the average Joe. However, when our friend Joe pops in a Blu-ray disc, the menu pops with excitement and is accompanied with, well, PIP, downloads/updates for instance. Why would Joe buy an HD DVD the next time out when the Blu-ray discs offer so much more? (He won't) Is this player the saving grace for both formats, nope, but it may well turn out to be the saving grace for Blu-ray. Plus, with the $1200 MSRP,
Does it really matter? I used to love dvd's because they didn't have any intros to fast forward through, you could just get right to the movie. I'd buy whatever format allows you to instantely play the movie, instead of having to skip through a bunch of previews, and be forced to watch certain screens.
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