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Default Re: Best Buy and the HD wars

Originally Posted by Bman212121
Does it really matter? I used to love dvd's because they didn't have any intros to fast forward through, you could just get right to the movie. I'd buy whatever format allows you to instantely play the movie, instead of having to skip through a bunch of previews, and be forced to watch certain screens.
The HDI features are not forced preview trailers they are picture in picture features and other things.
Also how would getting one of these make the most sense to not spend any extra if you already have a PS3? Wouldn't it save you money if instead you got a stand alone HD DVD player for $500 or so? That alone would save you about $700 and you would then have a PS3 for Blu ray playback and a Toshiba HD DVD stand alone player for HD DVDs.
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