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Default GeForce 7600 GS freeze: "irq 114: nobody cared" - update

Some updates on this problem:

I contacted the MSI support, which was quite disappointing since they dont seem to be very experienced in Linux support. They even admitted that they did not test with Linux
So I will keep bothering you

I installed a new Bios version, but with no improvement.

My current setup:
  • Bios version: 1.4
  • Linux kernel:
  • Nvidia driver: 9746

I can reproduce the freeze very fast ( < 5 min) by playing Warcraft III with wine.
But also the SPECViewperf Benchmark results in the freeze.

However I was only able to reproduce the problem in my 32Bit chroot. So maybe there is something wrong with the 32Bit libraries.
<edit>I was able to reproduce the problem also in the normal 64Bit environment. It just takes some more time...</edit>

I also tried a new kernel version 2.6.20-rc4 without success.
And in addition I bootet the kernel with various combinations of noapic, pci=noacpi and pci=biosirq, but the freezes still occur. I thought that these options would circumvent Bios problems?

I you have any ideas how to debug this problem, I would appreciate this!


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