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Default Desperate for help with Display problems!!!!!

Im new to linux and seem to be having a problem that no one else seems to have mentioned or I have missed from a previous post.

The problem has been exhibited across 3 different kernel versions and 2 different video cards. All of which where fresh installs.

OS: Red Hat 7.3
Kernel: 2.4.18-3(Stock), 2.4.18-5, 2.4.18-10(current)
XFree86: 4.2.0
Video card: Geforce2mx(had the same problem) and a ti4200(current).

I am using the NVIDIA graphics drivers supplied on this site and got the X server to work by following the instructions in the readme for the source rpm's(Installed for the first kernel and then upgraded for the new kernel to work)


The problem can be seen in the following picture that im going to post.

1.jpg shows a picture of mozilla with its default page. Notice the redhat graphics have not loaded properly and when the mouse is moved around fuzzy squares have started appearing.

2.jpg this is the one I want to fix the most as it makes configuring the OS and certain feautures extremely hard to use. Certain system menus/dialoges eg. Users account configuator. Are apperaing with the text extreamly small, so all i can see is squiggly black lines. Not all menus appear like this, it is only a select few which do it every time.

3.jpg is a screen cap of netscape at its default page. Now this browser seems to be working for the most part(better then mozilla atm) as im writing this article in it. However for some reason some sites are apearing with insanly large font sizes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated......
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