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Default Re: Post Your Audio Setups HERE!

Originally Posted by Bman212121
@ Redeemed: That's a lot of Watts, how big is the room it's in?
Not very big. And actually, the A/V Reciever is only 500 watts (100 watts x 5), and the stereo amp for the subs is only 260 watts (130 x 2). And I'm underpowering all my speakers (except for the fronts and the center)- not by much though. I'm aiming an upgrade in a couple years- I'm looking for a high quality A/V 7.1 Channel reciever that'll do atleast 140 x 7. I believe Onkyo has one now that'll do 170 x 7 (at 8 Ohms). But it costs near $4k. So it'll be a while till I upgrade this setup.

And all the speakers (save for the center and subs) are old. The two rear towers are Curtis Mathes- whom no longer makes audio equipement any more. I replaced the subs (12") and mid ranges (5 1/4" ) on those two. The sound improved drastically. As for the fronts, those are stock as you can tell from the pictures- their from an old Sears LXI series stereo of mine. My sister is using the stereo, but I kept the speakers. The subs are in new actually. I found some old 3-way floor standing Fisher boxes, gutted of thier original speakers, at a local thrift shop for $20. I bought 'em, and picked up some 15" subs. I lined the inside with foam completely, made a custom crossover, and called it good. For those of you who might think the subs are beating themselves to death from all that bass vibrating off the foam- the boxes have a bass port, plus the two hole for the other two speakers I have open to allow for more bass to escape. So no, the subs aren't pounding themselves to death. And when I say the quality is on par with what you hear at a Theater- I'm not being sarcastic. It is that great, just not nearly as loud.

Believe it or not I'm still not done customizing this setup. I still want to modify the Fisher boxes my subs are in. I want to add a 10" down-firing sub to each of them. But that will be quite a bit later as I'll need a far more powerful amp for that. Yes, I'm obsessed with good, clean bass.
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