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Default Re: Microsoft: HD-DVD might be "next Betamax"

Originally Posted by XxDeadlyxX
Porn chooses HD-DVD, threfore HD-DVD win!
No it will not, Aaron McKenna did wrong thing at adult expo made a quick poll with 12 companies here. Do you think the porn industry made up of 12 studios? No it made up by hundreds of studios, the complete list of exhibtors at adult expo are here counted about 330 studios but that not all, I found another listing of porn studios worldwide here. Aaron McKenna should polled every booths to get the full picture but cherry picked 12 out of 330 did not mean HD-DVD has won, all studios will monitor the US marketshare and NPD data to get the full picture. But I think it really do not matter for the porn industry because everything changed in the last 32 years. There was no Internet in the early day of VHS and Betamax. Then around 1997 lots of people have brand new DVD-ROM drive to watched movies and porns, last year porn industry had a revenue of $57 billion, it not all came from DVD, DVD had a revenue of $3 billion or 5%. But now DVD are not that popular anymore, it is replaced by broadband with everybody can either download porns from P2P free or buy online and download the contents for as little as $19 then burn it to a DVD rather than buy the same DVD from stores or mail order for $100. Same thing will do with HD porns, it already available on Internet, buy download porns and streamings from Internet had a revenue of more than $14 billion or 25%.

I dont think it will make a big impact on HD format no matter if either won because majority of people prefer to buy HD contents online and download it then burn to a Blu-ray disc on either PC Blu-ray burner drive or Blu-ray recorder for as little as $19, it save the studio a fortune not to make and master Blu-ray discs and print covers in the same way as Steam when I rather bought Half Life 2 contents online and download it then burn to DVD for lower cost than pay the full price for a DVD in the high street store.,2933,195438,00.html
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