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Default Re: Screenshot Thread 2007

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Far Cry.. the only game to make me cuss like Andrew Dice Clay.

The only game where enemies spot you hiding in a brush from two islands away, and then pin you with a head shot.

Screw that game. I broke it in half over my knee. All 4 CD's of it.
You've never played OFP have you?

I just installed the 1.4 cumulative patch. Wow. I'm not sure if I like that "blurring" effect they added. I think it was better without it.

But overall, the game definitely does look tons better than the original screenshots from when it was first released. It's nice to see them still offering updates to such an old title (I'm referring to them adding the blurring effect and HDR, aswell as HDR+AA).
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