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Default Re: dual graphic 6800gt graphical issue

Originally Posted by DarKMaN1
Hi again, last time I had problem with working setting in Fedora but that fixed now I have still one problem,
I have 3 screens + LCD projectors well pretty good rig.. now to my little problem I can see X on all my screens BUT, when I move cursor on screen 3 and LCD so are cursor big like a square and I cant see any movies as DVD only first 2 screens not on last 2 screens,

what can this issue be,,, nvidia drivers? its dozent matter if I use NV or NVIDIA drivers same thing

Cos in win XP allthing works good there I can see movies and my cursor on all 4 screens... not in linux and I have try it with Open suse there was whorse than fedora then I try it on Mandriva 2007 same issue and last slamd64 11 and ubuntu 6.10

Thanx for me I report a bugfile here

Nobody know what this problem could be....???

well I hope someone could give me a hint..

best regards DarKMaN1
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