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Default Question regarding to Opteron 175?

I got this CPU and i have a little problem. It's overclocked up to 2700MHz@1.375 voltage, 1:1 DDR500@250Mhz 1T. The system screams. I torturted it for 24hours no single problem. But, when i shut down computer and i wait for a couple of hours to cool won't my mobo resets all the setting, and then i have to go into BIOS to put the settings back. It same happens with stock settings. I heard about thing called cold bugged CPU? What is it mean? When i fire up my computer CPU is about 28-30C. This doesn't happen if i play games, then i shut down and then i decide to fire up machine again in like 20 minutes. Only if it was off for longer period of time. It really sucks. Is there any solution for it, or i have to live with it. I have a feeling this CPU can go up o 3.0Ghz with no problem. Default voltage is 1.35, i have it on 1.375 to be safe. As I said it's running right now at 2.75Ghz
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