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Default Re: Antialiasing in GL contexts

Originally Posted by zap
Hmm, strange, I don't get any of such modes in glxinfo output.
Strange indeed.

The type of multisample you're talking about should be, as far as I understand, the 'ms' parameter. In the specs for the GLX_ARB_multisample extension it's said that "GLX_SAMPLES_ARB" is a vendor-specific parameter, so I assume it's the same as the __GL_FSAA_MODE env var.
No. Look in the drivers release notes under environment variables. It explains how each __GL_FSAA_MODE differs. Basicly, there are a few (different) algorithms and a combination of samples for each.

The glHint is told only to give a hint to the rendering system whenever you want more accurate or more fast rendering, but in any case multisample rendering should be enabled by glEnable().
My experience is that the glENable() is totally overidden by the environment variable. There appears to be no way to toggle it on/off while a program is running like with the InfiniteReality systems.
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