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The confusion stems from too many confused messages in this thread.

The "patch" refered to is a patch that you can install through RivaTuner. It is not a patch from nvidia.

The patch in question only affects AF performance. It does not directly affect FSAA peformance, but of course if you use them both you will see some increase from the AF increase.

The patch is only for OGL, not D3D.

The script I posted above is a modification you need to make to the RivaTuner patch to make it work with the 30.82 drivers under Win9x only. You don't have to modify the Win2K/XP patch in order for it to install.

The latest RivaTuner also has the ability, on G4 cards only, to get a nice increase in AF performance by customizing the stages of AF. This is done within RivaTuner itself.

I would prefer not to give a complete tutorial on how to do this. Please download RivaTuner, install it, look at it, read the help and readme files, and then if you have any questions, please direct them to the Rivatuner forum on Guru3D. Thanks.

Good luck!

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