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Unhappy Is my FX3000 about to die?

I have an Nvidia FX 3000 graphics card and in the last couple of days it has started to fail on Quake III. After about half a minute the card shuts down and the computer 'stops'. All the fans stop (cpu, chassis etc), the monitor shuts down, but the on light stays on and an indicator led on the motherboard stays on. There is no way of switching it off to reboot without disconnecting the mains power. When it reboots everything seems to run fine, and as far as I can tell the computer functions fine (running photoshop, Rhino, Word etc) but as soon as it tries anything with intensive real time 3d, it shuts down again. A week ago it was running these apps fine. Do these symptoms indicate that the GPU is about to fail, or could it be something less catastrophic like the power supply unit?

Nvidia FX3000, MB Asus A7N8X, Athlon XP3200+, 2 gig PC2100 ram, PSU 550 W
Thanks in anticipation
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