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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by icecold1983
xion u seem to be confusing avg fps with minimum. those ss u posted do not prove anything. the fact that almost all review sites got a similar score to firingsquads avg fps of 55 with only 4x aa makes it extremely obvious that the minimum fps will certainly be very close to 30, and drop their frequently in heavy action scenes with 16x aa, even if uve never played the game.

you also took screens of an extremely dry and empty area, areas were fps is likely to be highest.
icecold, you are about the most blind person I've seen.

Have you even tried oc'ing that E6600 of yours? My 8800GTSs with a s754 3400 is pushing better fps than you claim your GTX is getting. And that s754 3400 is a huge bottleneck for these cards.

And Icecold, I am playing everygame at 1920x1440- a resolution that is higher than what you are using. Furthermore, I'm also using 16xAA without noticing any of the performance drops you mention. And this is with FRAPS running and me focusing mostly on the fps count than the game.

You, my friend, are a n00b. I am not convinced that you have no clue how to configure your PC.

So, I shall throw some tips out there for you:

OC that E6600 as high as you can. Trust me, this will greatly help your 8800GTX out. The difference should be night and day.

Since you are not running SLi, enable both vsync and triple buffering.

Get a cat-scan.

Dude, I don't know what else to say. The 8800GTX is a beast. You posted reviews, I guess it's my turn to do the same:

^^^ In that review, the single 8800GTX is pretty close to the X1950XTX CrossFire setup. Pretty d@mn impressive.


At 2560x1600 with 4xAA- the 8800GTX (single) finally gets this 30fps minimum you're talking about.

Dude, nearly every bench mark states the opposite of what you are claiming. This is why I'm convinced you do not know how to optimize your rig. OC that E6600 to as close to 3.5GHz as you can, then enable vsync and triple buffering. Prepare to be amazed.

If you still have issues, here is my advice- give up doing anything in regards to PC gaming. You obviously can't figure it out, and you refuse to listen to anybody whom tries to help you. Thus, a console is better for you.

Hope that helps.
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