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Well I tried export __GL_FSAA_MODE=4
and export __GL_FSAA_MODE=3 But the frame rate in glxgears drops from 1500FPS to 500FPS. And yes I ran ./ut2003_demo in the same terminal.

That of course means that ut2003 demo runs like a jellyfish but what makes the matter worse is that there is absolutely NO difference in the graphics. It's like someone blew up the pixels and forgot to smooth them. It's like the menus are make out of tiles or something.

Man I'm sunk. I seem to the only one with this issue in the Yoper arena (that's my distro) but I can't accept that my 32mb card is the problem 'cause it works a treat in Win98, but before anyone says it, NO I don't want to use 98.
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