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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Okay icecold- you aren't understanding that we are trying to explain to you that the no game for the PC can actually tax the 8800s. Thus, there is no GPU limitation- except for maybe at a resolution of 2560x1600. But for the resolution you are using, there is no GPU limitation.

And I no exactly what a "minimum framerate" is, as I also understand the method of AA being used. Do you realise that there is a difference between 16xAA and 16xQ? I think that you do not.

Any how, on what grounds do you have to tell me what I know? lol Very cute move there.

Considering that you are the only person (Okay, I'll be politically correct for you- you are of the minority of all 8800 owners) having such piss-poor results with your 8800GTX, I find it hard to consider you as being very credible.


i can name a bunch of games that are gpu limited at my res.

cod 2
dark messiah
gothic 3
nwn 2
serious sam 2
everquest 2

if u think the 8800 isnt gpu limited then u must not have ever looked at a benchmark. WHEN A BENCHMARK HAS AN AVG FPS OF 55 U CAN BET UR ASS THE MINIMUM WILL BE CLOSE TO 30. i play trackmania united every day and know for a fact that game can bring an 8800 to its knees, so did dark messiah in certain areas, or when using certain weapons/spells. oblivion can bring an 8800 to the teens with grass fade set to maximum. fear xp brings an 8800 to its teens when fighting in slow mo, other times to the 20s when walking in certain rooms.

fear pics with fps

now when u mix that with this

ur going to have a high average.
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