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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by icecold1983

i can name a bunch of games that are gpu limited at my res.

cod 2
dark messiah
gothic 3
nwn 2
serious sam 2
everquest 2

if u think the 8800 isnt gpu limited then u must not have ever looked at a benchmark. WHEN A BENCHMARK HAS AN AVG FPS OF 55 U CAN BET UR ASS THE MINIMUM WILL BE CLOSE TO 30. i play trackmania united every day and know for a fact that game can bring an 8800 to its knees, so did dark messiah in certain areas, or when using certain weapons/spells. oblivion can bring an 8800 to the teens with grass fade set to maximum. fear xp brings an 8800 to its teens when fighting in slow mo, other times to the 20s when walking in certain rooms.
Okay. God hates you. That is the only explanation I can give you for your system performing so poorly. God must hate you thus he hath released his wrath uponeth youeth.

Again, I'm playing FEAR XP at 1920x1440, with 16xAA, 16xAF, and all in-game options maxed. It never dips below 30fps except for slo-mo. DUH! Slo-mo is not intended to run at high fps, part of the effect is only achieved by a slower fps.

I have noticed on occassions where I'll be walking through a room or a hall, and suddenly I can't really move forward, it is like there is an invisible wall the character is running into. After a few seconds the game continues as normal. That, though, is a software bug- be it the drivers, or the game.

And I've looked at plenty of reviews, obviously as I posted quite a few. I'll be honest, I think you are really dumb and don't know how to properly configure your PC yet are too stubborn to accept advice- or you are just a troll seeking attention.

Either way, I'm done with this pointless debate. Do us all a favor- buy a console and leave the PC gaming to people that can actually figure it out.
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