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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Now will you shut up? Please?

The lowest my game ever dropped was 45fps, and that was just for a split-second. For the most part it plays at 52fps or above as you see in the screenshots. This is with my GTX running at stock speeds and my CPU @ 3.2gHz. Before when I played through the game I had my CPU @ 3.5gHz and my GTX @ 650/2100 and it gave it an extra 3-5fps on average, landing it right in the 55-60fps range like I originally said it always ran at.

Now since you're playing at a higher res than I am, I can understand your framerate being slightly lower, but not 20-25fps lower. Your computer is not optimized properly. You might want to try overclocking your processor and graphics card a little if the performance you're getting isn't cutting it. Also make sure that you have all your Windows Updates and run daily spyware/adware scanners.

And it's not like you couldn't turn off "insane" corpses or "detailed smoke edges = everything" in the COD2 menu and get a much downgraded experience, either. That would probably free up 4-5 more fps you could use.

Other than that advice and the advice that's already been given you, I don't know what else to say. You're being too hard on the 8800GTX while you praise these stupid consoles that can't run an 1/8th of the AA that you see in these pictures at the same kind of performance. You refuse to believe what anyone here is telling you and the screenshots that people are posting that prove you wrong. Not a single person on this forum agrees with what you're saying, so you pull some online article out of your ass where the people in question were probably running on newly released drivers or something. Fine. That's one individual that says you're right against about 5-6 on this one thread that say you're wrong.
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