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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by Redeemed
I'm sorry, but I lied. This would make the second time that I claimed I'd leave the thread- yet came back! lol

Don't know why, but I find this debate kinda' fun.

Okay, all-knowing-one-Icecold, why don't you explain to us why the fps is supposed to remain high in slow mo? You seem to know so much about "3d graphics", share with us- explain to us why the fps should not change when using "slo-mo".

Mind you, I also noticed this dip in fps when using slo-mo on my 7600GT SLi setup, as well as when I was using my single 6800GT. I'd have high fps and then when I use slo-mo it'd dip on both the 7600GT SLi setup and the single 6800GT.

So, explain to us how this is wrong. Explain to us why the fps should not dip. Get technical. I'm interested in seeing you back this up.

I should also mention about FEAR, there are times when I'll enter an empty room- absolutely NOTHING happening in there, and nothing that would be a graphical strain, yet it'll still chop up. Mind you, it never did this with my two 7600GTs nor with my single 6800GT. That is what we call a bug, or a glitch. It happens. As soon as I leave the room, my fps sky-rockets, even if I'm entering a fire-fight!

So go on, I await this technical explaination from you. If you refuse to explain, then I chalk you up as an ignorant troll.

Bring on your technologically superior knowledge buddy. Educate us. I'll be waiting...
achieving a slow motion effect has nothing to do with fps. its just a matter of lessening the ammt of gamespace moved per frame. to test this simply turn on slow mo in an empty room and see if ur fps drops to the teens. the reason u would never intentionally lower the framerate of ur game to 17 fps is because it creates tremendous mouse lag.

and ive never said the 8800 is a bad card or that it isnt very fast, if thought it was id have returned it or sold it on ebay long ago. i plan to buy a 2nd one if r600 isnt better. but the card has limits and its annoying seeing people make ridiculous claims that no game is gpu limited.
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