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Talking [SOLVED] Tllde key problem in ET

WOOHOO! Seems that you were right "whig", I just installed the 9746 driver and ET 6.06b works perfectly, no console problem at all .

It even works well with ETSwitch loaded.

Thanks for all the help.

I'll tell you what, changing driver versions is a BREEZE under Linux, try doing that with Windows :S.

And also a BIG thankyou to Nvidia for all the work and effort put into the Linux drivers, I and many others are extremely grateful. A very well written and comprehensive driver. I've been with Nvidia since the very beginning, my first ever 3d card was the original Riva TNT 16 meg from Creative Labs. Everyone else at the time was hailing 3dFX as THE card, but I read reviews and tech documents and decided to go with Nvidia. I haven't been let down yet.

Regards, KEv
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