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Default 1.0-9631 x86_64, Screen Resolutions gone missing

I have configured the driver and it have worked more than a week. I had a problem that it always started in 1024x768 so I always had to change it after I booted. I tried to "save to X Configuration file" but it didn't work.
My problem now is that The 1280x1024 resolution isn't present in the resolution table anymore, now the biggest resolution is 1280x800.
My log file was too big to be appended, so I link it here

After a reboot it works again? I am confused. I didn't check the possible resolutions when i ran "startx -- -logverbose 6" so that might not give any information. I will get back to you if this problem persists.
Now this post may be useless, but, anyone else experienced this problem?
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