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Which GL lib is whatever program you're trying linking against? I'm not sure how the runtime linker works with TLS, but on a standard (i.e. non-TLS) Linux, the first library that it finds in its cache file will be the one it links against.

Run ldd on the program you're trying to use, and see if it's getting /usr/lib/tls/ or if it's getting /usr/lib/ instead.

If it's getting the latter, try adding /usr/lib/tls to the beginning of your /etc/ file (and run /sbin/ldconfig as root), or just delete /usr/lib/* (make sure you put that .so.* in there -- if you just use libGL*, you can delete GLU, which is a bad thing), and run ln -s /usr/lib/tls/* from the /usr/lib directory. Then run /sbin/ldconfig as root (again), and see if that helps at all.

If this isn't a good solution, then someone else say so before he screws something up... please!
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