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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Icecold- this is at 1920x1440, with 16xAA and 16xAF-


(BTW, that above shot was with a single 8800GTS. 24fps at 1920x1440, with 16xAA and 16xAF plus all in-game options maxed isn't bad- and it'd be better if I had a better processor).

Okay, now for some FarCry (a very dated game):

Okay, why did I post all of these screenshots? I want you to show me where the AA is horrible. In all of the above screenshots there is either no visible aliasing, or extremely minor aliasing. My point- high levels of AA at higher resolutions does help out. There is visual improvement. Remember, all of those above shots were at 1920x1440, with 16xAA. No, not 16xQ AA but 16xAA.

I'd post more shots of FEAR and FarCry where there is a bunch of stuff going on, but it is 6AM and I just got in from work- I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

I'll be back to continue this interesting debate later.
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