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Default Re: Recommended temperature for 6150 and nForece430 chips?

When idle, I can go up to 40C and after this it is stable.

If I perform h264 encoding using mplayer (this is the last test I have done), it can heat up to 46C; the indicators of gnome are red, so I stopped the process, because I don't know where is the limit.
(Meantime the processor heats from 28C to 45C as well. This is an Athlon 64 3800+ 38W).

If I use some of the 3D games of linux like the kart game or the pinball game, it reaches 46C in only a couple of minutes.
I was afraid to continue the tests.

(PS: I know that the "red" colour is only a setting in /etc/somthiing, but ignoring the correct values it is useless to change it for know)
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