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Default Re: Can't get good quality using HD576p in CRT TV

Excuse me for the delay, but I couldn't work on my computer till today.

The TV-overscan in nvidia-settings works (it appears in the setttings dialog and I can use it) when I'm in interlaced mode. If I use progressive signal (putting a resolution of 720x576, image zoomed) and execute nvidia settings, the overscan does'nt appear in the dialog, so it doesn't work.

I'm not sure if this is really, really, really true, but when I look to the zoomed image an interlaced mode, the Overscan is set to 25 (max value), and the level of "zoom" is quite similar to the zoom with progressive signal. Maybe the Overscan is working at its max level with progressive and I can't change it.

I also attach the nvida-report

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