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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by brownstone
It just appears to me that your talking about how DX9 games are running on your 8800's. Since Crysis is a DX10 game and the 8800 is DX10 then its gonna run quite different than FEAR or COD2.

Not to mention Crysis is a totally different engine than other games and is still being optimized of course.

So because FEAR fps drops in some points, on your 8800, Crysis will crawl? Who knows right.

I have a 7900gtx so news on how the DX9 portion of the game is coming along in the build would be great of course.

Oh agentkay yeah I have seen that video. Thx anyways.
Well, that is what we are debating. Icecold is convinced that the 8800s will perform poorly compared to consoles with next-gen titles (DX10). We are arguing against that. Following Icecold's logic, the 8800 would crawl in Crysis. Xion and I are trying to show him that is not true and his logic is flawed.

I'm very convinced that my 8800GTSs will play Crysis with everything maxed or close to it. Icecold, on the other hand, believes that they'll barely managed decet fps at medium settings. We are trying to convince him otherwise.
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