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Default Low Framerates With NVidia 7100GS

Yeah I know, this card supposedly isn't the highest end card I could buy but still.

I have an AMD 2800+ (64-bit, using Kubuntu Edgy 64-bit version) with 1GB system RAM.

I just put this computer together. I used to use an older AMD system with a BFG Geforce FX card 256MB of vram. Back then glxgears gave me a framerate of 2800+ fps. Not the greatest but it was good enough for me.

This new system I have doesn't have an AGP port so I couldn't use that card anymore. Now I have an Nvidia 7100GS PCI Express-16 with 256MB (Linux reports it as 512MB, must be turbo cache) and with Kubuntu's nvidia driver, I'm getting a measilly 1400 frames per second.

I know I can't expect astronomically high values here, but I feel I should at least get just as much performance as my old AGP card.

Attached is my xorg.conf file.

Did I set it up incorrectly?
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