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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by icecold1983

they scale from a core 2 duo@3333 to a 3800. there is no cpu limitation at high res with aa/af in 95% of games.

yes todays games can bring an 8800 to its knees at high res with aa/af. crysis would crawl at those settings(how well do u expect crysis to run on an 8800 at 1920 x 1200 with 4x aa 16x af?), but it will surely run smooth at lower resolutions with some aa/af which is what ive always said.

fear issues could be a game or driver issue, but u cant claim every single game on the market that brings an 8800 to its knees is a driver or game issue. what about oblivion? what about trackmania? what about dark messiah?

btw im not experiencing the same fear issue as you, i never cant move fowards, for me its just the fps tanking. and the mouse lag isnt normal as if i activate slowmo in an empty room where i get high fps my mouse feels great, its only when the framerate tanks that mouse lag becomes an issue. that goes for every game btw.

no i want th e8800s to perform as good as possible, if i could magically snap my fingers and have them double in speed i would, but overclocking my cpu wont help me in any games except supcom.

i havent played any of the bfme games but im aware 8800 has many sli issues atm.

those 2 posters opinions dont prove anything as u have no idea what resolutions or settings they are playing at and what they define as 'great', and the review sites benches actually back eveyrthing im saying. ive already proven with math that cod 2 drops to around 30 with 16x aa 16x af at 1920 x 1200, we know fear bombs, we know trackmania drops to below 30 if u play online, oblivion drops to the teens even without any visual mods, dakr messiah drops to the 20s. this is all fact. my system is fine, i know how to maintain it as i can run any game bench and its never lower than the reviews u find, unfortunately the actual game is usually slower, and therefor matters a lot more than a bench.
Icecold, for everygame where the fps tanks for you- other members here owning a setup equivalent to yours says the opposite (multiple members). And the reviews do not back up what you claim. I posted a review where they tested the CPU scaling of the 8800's, and the results were very differet than what you have just posted- have a link to your source?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Actually this just seems like the same flame war thats been going on for a couple weeks now in various other threads.

Why are people still trying to convince icecold of anything related to PC performance and graphics? If he hasn't agreed in the 5 other threads where the same screenshots were posted, he isn't going to agree this time.

I'm not trying to play forum police, but come on guys... it seems like every interesting thread in this section ends up getting dragged into this ongoing crap.
You are correct CaptNKILL. This is much like beating a dead horse. It would be wise of me to discontinue this debate. This will make the third time where I've said I would step out of this debate- let's see if I can actually do it this time.
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