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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

was the site with those graphs

the review su linked to were the following

one of the links u gave doesnt work

the first link isnt rly useful as it doesnt show anything in regards to cpu scaling on a single card.

the 2nd link u showed benches at 1024 x 768 which is absolutely pointless, at the end of the article how ever they say what ive been saying

"When high res gaming, it is quite obvious here that the GPU's performance does not scale AT ALL at any CPU clockspeed"

3rd link is just a regular review, no info in regards to cpu scaling, but it shows somewhat higher cod 2 numbers, could be a less strenuous benchmark than other sites run, as its unlikely that they are just better at setting up a system than all the other review sites.

4th link is pretty irrelevant to this discussion, but with an avg fps of 32 u can bet the minimum fps is extremely low, were talking single digit lows.

again anyone who owns tm united and an 8800, simply max out the graphics, set ur res to 1920 x 1200 and go play some stadium online. i suggest u turn motion blur off tho or else it wont even be playable.

ill go take some screens and post them

btw captnkill im being perfectly mature, im not flaming or insulting anyone.
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