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Default Re: Will we ever see an amd64 NVidia driver for FreeBSD?

AS far as nforce2 is concerned, thats absolutely ridiculous. I've had an nforce2 motherboard acting as a internet firewall as far back as freebsd 5.1!!!! The only thing that wasn't in the general kernel was the ethernet driver for the nvidia ethernet card; however, this was available in the ports system.

Most all the drivers were supported by freebsd and the ethernet driver was availalbe in the ports section long before 6.0 was out. I've had that same system with 3d support, audio support, ethernet support as far back as freebsd 5.1. The motherboard was A7N8X - deluxe.

"LOL, I ditched FreeBSD, when it couldn't even support my nForce2 board, support was so crappy, and this was with 6.0 and it was like, well how long has FreeBSD been around, and how long the nForce boards been around, and they still couldn't get decent support for it."

Can you be any more ignorant?
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