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Default Re: Whats a decent low cost upscaling DVD player?

Originally Posted by agentkay
Sorry for the thread hijack, but does an upscaling DVD player improve the picture quality of regular DVDs on a regular HDTV (720p/1080i)? My current DVD player has only a 578i output (component) and I wonder if I would see a better quality of my regular DVDs with an upscaling DVD player like the ones mentioned in this thread.

Sorry again for the thread hijack.
Well I bought our new Mitsubishi HDTV and had the previously mentioned Sony dvd player hooked up via component and it looked pretty damn good. I then went and got an HDMI cable and hooked it up with that and I noticed a definate difference. It just looked a lot sharper.
Now the bs people talk about upconverting players looking as good as HD is just that, BS, but if you want regular dvds to look better on an HDTV then upconverting is worthwhile in my opinion.
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