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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by icecold1983
fear issues could be a game or driver issue, but u cant claim every single game on the market that brings an 8800 to its knees is a driver or game issue. what about oblivion? what about trackmania? what about dark messiah?
Where does this idea of yours come from that a single graphics card should be able to run every title at 1920x1200 resolution at 40fps or more while 16xAA is activated?

Can you tell us, please? Because this has never, ever been the case as far as I can remember. If you're so pissed at the way that your setup is running, then there's an easy solution for it. Go SLI.

no i want th e8800s to perform as good as possible, if i could magically snap my fingers and have them double in speed i would, but overclocking my cpu wont help me in any games except supcom.

i havent played any of the bfme games but im aware 8800 has many sli issues atm.
SLI works perfect on Oblivion, Dark Messiah, Call of Duty 2, Prey, and Tomb Raider Legend for me. The only title giving me trouble so far is Rainbow Six Vegas. So, again.. you exaggerate things.

What you should've done if you wanted better performance at higher resolutions is to go SLI. That is really the only thing that can handle 1920x1200/16xAA with really good framerates 100% of the time. All of those titles I listed above, including Dark Messiah--which you say brings the 8800GTX to its knees--run no less than 60fps on my system at any time.

So how about just quit bitching about this on every thread like you've been doing and either go buy a second card or wait for some drivers to come out that are more optimized.

It just seems absurd to me that you, one, expect a single card to play every game without slowing down at your crazy resolution that you're playing at, and two, that you expect a brand new architecture to have no problems balancing both DX9 and DX10 perfectly right off the bat. The drivers for this card are still early and Nvidia is having to program for two different operating systems--XP and Vista.

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