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Default xv/XvMC, FX 5200, and 1.0-9746 driver

Hi folks,

I've been having some trouble getting xv & XvMC to work after upgrading to the 9746 driver. (..and slackware 11 from 10.2, and mythtv...) I rebuilt mplayer rc1 against 9746, and find that playback results in apparently shifted horizontal "scan lines". I haven't seen any other mention of this around, so I thought I'd see if this sounded familiar to anyone here. I'm running a PCI FX 5200 card at 1920x1080.

This happens under both myth and mplayer when built against this driver. 8756 was the last driver I had installed -- all was well with that (and slackware 10.2, and myth 0.19...).

In myth I notice that hdtv content is shifted quite stuff not nearly as much. Maybe a couple pixels here and there -- it's mostly watchable.

Any suggestions? Just go back to 8756 I guess? Bug report output attached..


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