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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Your logic is flawed here. The resolutions just do not scale in the way that you're saying they do.

For instance, look here at the comparison of COD2 ran at the same settings but at different resolutions that are in question here (1920x1200 vs 1600x1200)

62fps for the lower res vs 55 for the higher res. 7/62 = 11% difference in performance, not "30%" as you keep claiming. And that's taking your "AA is tougher at higher res" theory into account, as well. There's just not that big of a difference in performance.

You just don't know what in the hell you're talking about. If your computer is playing Call of Duty 2 at an average of 44 fps then, as I've said all along, you need to learn how to optimize it for better performance.

Then your computer's f*cked, because firingsquad got 55fps on average on COD2 w/ an FX-62 paired with an 8800GTX:

And as for your comments about FEAR running like crap on a single 8800GTX?

At 1920x1200 res and 4xAA anandtech got an average of 59fps on a single stock-clocked 8800GTX:

Oh, okay. Right here:

"i know cod2 doesnt run at 60 fps at 1920 x 1200 with 16x aa 16x af. and it drops to around 30 regularly."

You were saying?

Do you consider an average of "59fps" like the 8800GTX plays FEAR at your res "hitting a wall?" That's my original point; you're overexaggerating. Either your computer is seriously screwed up or you just enjoy lying out of both sides of your mouth for attention.

Ridiculous. Dark Messiah on the 8800GTX looks better than any game I've seen on the consoles. I even played Lost Planet on the 360 the same day I installed Dark Messiah for the first time and couldn't believe how low-res and jaggied the textures on the 360 looked by comparison.

Dark Messiah:

Lost Planet:

You're nuts.
u dont know what stage firingsquads demo is, until u do u cant draw any conclusions that my comp is screwed. what u can conclude is that no way in hell does the game run at 60 fps with 16x aa at 1920 x 1200.

yeah my AVG fps on fear is high too, its the extreme lows i have an issue with, and apparently so does hardocp as they have replicated it over multiple reviews/systems.

ur right, cod 2 doesnt run at 60 fps with 16x aa 16x af at 1920 x 1200, thats what i was saying and i stand by it. it does drop to 30 regularly, it drops to the 30s even with 4x aa.

u picked a terrible screen to show off console graphics tho.

heres some screens with fps counters on, 1920 x 1200 with 4/16.

c2d e6600 stock
2 gb ddr800
8800 gtx stock
x fi with 64 mb xram
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