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Exclamation Overclocking intel 2.66 Ghz dual core on intel motherboard???

Hi guys,

Im having a little problem. I have intel 2.66 Ghz D dual core processor on intel D101 motherboard. I want to overclock my cpu as i have heard its very capable of overclocking to monster speeds. But the problem is, i cant get the bios to overclock it. I heard u cant overclock if u have an intel motherboard. So i was wondering if there is any way to overclock my cpu in any way, be it through bios or using any other software??? I dont want to change my mobo at the moment, and im not happy with the performance my 2.66 Ghz D (133*20) cpu is giving. (I also read this processor can only be overclocked by increasing this 133mhz*20 thing.)

Any ideas?

And also...this mobo of mine supports only DDR ram. I have 1 gb of ram...(two 512s) n i tried to overclock them from bios. I changed the speed from 400mhz to 533mhz. Started the windows, n nothing went wrong. But im not sure if this is the right thing to do with ur RAM. Is this gonna harm my RAM in anyway in the future? And are the benefits of overclocking the RAM worth it?

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