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Default Big update: GeForce 7600 GS freeze: "irq 114: nobody cared"

Big update:
Since the MSI support team insisted on it, I did some test under Windows XP. And it seems to have the same problem.
If I run a 3D Benchmark after some time (2-5 min) the system does a soft reset and reboots.
So this problem actually seems to be a hardware problem.

I am running memtest+ over an hour now, without any problems. So the memory seems to be OK.

Also the fact that the SysRQ keys are still working when the system freezes under Linux indicates that the kernel is still working.

So my guess is that the vga cards somehow stops all its operation and somehow freezes.
This would also fit to the error message "irq 114: nobody cared". The kernel sends IRQs to the graphic card, but the card does not handle them because it is dead. And if that happens to often the kernel disables the interrupt and logs the error message.

So what could be the reason for the vga card to freeze? Any suggestions?

Thanks for your support,
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