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Default Re: DirectX 10 Titles

Originally Posted by Dazz
Another Game is Supreme commander this Vista DX10 capable out of the box and i am in the beta. it's THE most demaning game out there and even cripples Core 2 dual core processors is compatible with multicores cores too not just quad cores. From what i heard Quad cores really shine. With my X2 it can use 92% of both cores. Also very demanding on the memory too. Disabled page file and ran out of 2GB of memory half an hour into the game
That's called sh*tty programming. I saw screenshots of that game, nothing special. If that takes so much CPU and RAM, programmers have a lot of optimizing to do before releasing that game.

I still don't buy all this Dx10 hype. Almost every screenshot shown in this thread was obviously Photoshopped. No announced Dx10 title will be published in the near future. I guess they will even be postponed when the announced dates come. By then, I expect Dx11 to be out with next generation cards.
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