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Default Re: NVIDIA 1.0-9746 Direct rendering: no

Alas, I am in the same boat here.. I do not appear to have accel GL.
running NVIDIA X Server Settings I get the following:

GLX Info: Direct Rendering: No

and under OpenGL Information..

Renderer: MESA GLX Indirect

I have installed 1.0-9746 and everything else seems to be running floorlessly..I
even get 1-1000000000 of a second of an nVidia splash screen when X starts
so I know i'm atleast winning in that respect
Being that I need to work with GL, this is also important to me also.

I should add here, the card is a PCIe 256meg 6800GS on an nForce4 Ultra chipset mobo
running SunOS 64bit

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