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Default Unable to locate!

When I was talking about wasing your time, I didn't want to bother you with simple things like...

- In windows, you can right-click a shortcut and find which directory the actual program is i, and then run the EXE.. here I dont know what directory the games are in PLUS, I dont know what the list of execuables for linux are. While I was installing the linux driver, I had to type 'sh' <enter>... I could try the 'sh' thing, but dont want to mess something up.. here is where I figured I will get a book about linux before I waste your time in the wrong forum thread.. :-) Luckily, I was around during the 'DOS' days and arent as bad off as some people...

-Not only are two of the games that came with MDK 9.1 not starting, I also discovred a MIDI music program that does the same thing also (just starts as a button in the task bar, and then goes away and never launches).... I assumed the games to be because of incorrectly installed Nvidia driver, but this other program as well? Maybe it used Open GL as well...

Anyway, If you still want to help, give me a quick lesson on opening one of these things in a console (finding the game in its directory) and the command to run it at the prompt and I'll give it a try..

Also later today or tonight I'll post the contents of my x86x?? file (above) and hopefully my settings are off.. Thank you!
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