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Default Adobe Spry Framework for Ajax

Anyone else here using Adobe’s Spry Framework for Ajax? It was my first real foray into Ajax and while it doesn’t have the garner or “prestige” as some of the other frameworks like Prototype, it’s still incredibly powerful and ridiculously easy to use.

More information is available here:

I’ve used it for the last 6 months or so and feel pretty adept with it. I’ve built a number of complex apps and am currently working on making a mini-site that will contain materials (including Flash video) to train our sales people on HSAs (Health Savings Accounts). It needs to be dynamically driven (hence my usage of XML/Ajax), but since I have no server-side rights and this will likely need to be burned to CD so that the agents can have a copy even if they have no internet access, my only recourse is making the site dynamically-driven on the client-side.

Perhaps other frameworks like Prototype or Sarissa allow this, but if they do: they can’t be as easy to get up and running as Spry. I’ve got this site 90% dynamic (and about 70% done in 2 days…I just have to write some filters/sorting functions and then complete the graphics) and it’s using nothing more than HTML and JavaScript to filter data based on a “component’s” unique ID and then load up its associated video into a Flash-based player.

If you’re in need of an Ajax framework, I highly suggest checking out Spry. It’s still beta, but they’re working on it constantly and have a very helpful staff of people working their forums to help out with any/all questions.

Plus, their documentation is top-notch and they have excellent samples:
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