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Default Re: Re: Re: where are rpms file?

Originally posted by grocanar
Well it bloat the rpm database as there s some file on the system which are not configuration file and they re not in my rpm database.
Therefore i can't trust anymore my rpm database then it s bloated.
No, that's not "bloated". That's "not up to date", or "not correct". "Bloated" means that it's bigger than it needs to be, which is not what's going on here.

I guess you re a lucky guy to have 200+ identical system with people who have identical needs. Unfortunately it s not my case. Then all my software are installed with a mix of kickstat + cfengine + autorpm and all are in RPM format. That s why i need to have that drivers in rpm format. i don't need a binary rpm but a source rpm is highly needed.
You can't modify whatever you're using to run the installer manually? Instead of having it run "rpmbuild", have it run "sh filename -s". Doesn't sound too difficult to me...
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