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Default Re: (WOW burning crusades) Today is the day of days

Originally Posted by UDawg
LOL! LMAO! It takes longer to find the quests in the new newb zone eh. Yeah we got to lvl 10 in 3 hours but we did it later at nite when the lag was much less.

We were in Outland but man it blew chuncks from the lag. We will quest there in a week when it all calms down and people get a few levels up on us. I'm not in any hurry to get to 70. I want to take my time and do all the new things there are to do. I want to enjoy this rather than slam through it and be dissatisfied.
Haha, yeah, I was just soloing and I had to spend so much time just camping waiting for respawns.

The idiots in that game and what they say is just mind-blowing. And people were whispering asking for money and where they could get a sword.

I was like, "Wtf?" no." and then "At a weaponsmith, n00b."

Idiots I tells ya.
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